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Multitech MTR-H6 and MTR-H5 rcell 100 single port 3G router
Elecomes / 2014-06-19
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 Multitech MTR-H6 and MTR-H5 rcell 100 single port 3G router available from Elecom Electronics supply


The MultiConnect® rCell 100 Series Intelligent Wireless Router is a comprehensive line of routers for M2M (machine to machine) communications. It combined with HSPA/ WiFi/ Ethernet/ Bluetooth/ Serial/ GPS as well as routing functions together into a compact magic box.


The MultiConnect rCell 100 offers a stable lifecycle, an important consideration for M2M solutions, it offered a single point routing, VPN with Ipsec, and Serial to Ethernet/WiFi/HSPA+ solutions. Customers can use it as a serial modem or router to fulfill the different applications. MTR-H6 and MTR-H5 is just cost as a single solution HSPA+ modem, it is cost effective solutions for customer to implement their products in the dynamics environment.


Free access to Multi-Tech® Device Manager which is a cloud based device management solution that simplifies and scales the management of the networking devices. It allows users to remotely monitor, upgrade and configure an entire device population from a single location. Whether you have one or more than 10,000 devices to manage, Multi-Tech Device Manager simplifies access to your devices, resulting in lower total cost of ownership and increased operational efficiency.

Key Features


MTR-H6 3G freq: 850/900/2100 MHz

MTR-H5 3G freq: 800/850/900 AWS 1700/1900/2100MHz

2G freq: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

MTR-H6 HSPA solutions: 7.2Mbps-DL; 5.76Mbps – UL

MTR-H5 HSPA+ solutions: 21Mbps-DL; 5.76Mbps – UL

RS232 interface with MODBUS supported.

Supports IPSec VPN tunnels for secure LAN-to-LAN access

3DES and AES encryption

IP Passthrough


Support API for customer re-developed the unit

Built-in dynamic DNS client

Built-in Web interface (customizable to your logo)

Free Cloud based remote management platform

Models with Wi-Fi®/Bluetooth® connectivity

Models with GPS connectivity

Fully certified with Telstra and AT&T

Two-year warranty


The MultiConnect® rCell 100, MTR-H6 and MTR-H5 single port 3G routers are available from Elecom Electronics Supply, the ANZ local wireless and communications supplier. 

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